chapter 1 of through the door


There is an old crooked emporium across the road for me and no one has ever dared to step foot in there. Allot of people walk past wondering what they sell and who even owns it!

Chapter 1- through the door

Megan had always been nosey and her sister often warned her that it might get her into mischief. One breezy morning, she was walking down Dog Street when she noticed something weird about the emporium. For the first time in a while the door was open and without thinking about it, she stepped inside.

Everywhere she looked, it was packed with wonders and things she urged to touch. She saw a golden swing levitating off the ground lighting up the shop. A creepy antique doll sat on the dusty worktop staring to the other side. Multiple chairs floating in Mid Air. Several silver clocks dangling off the wall like broken shelves collapsing. A brightly colored display with antique toy cars and bowls or fruit.

But what interested Megan the most was an old leather bound book. As she turned the pages, dust flew out and all the ink started to dance on clouds of dust.

“I see you’ve found my book of marvels” whispered a voice. Megan gasped, closed the book and looked up at the owner. He was a very tall man whose eyes beamed bright red with a robin sat on his shoulder. It shook his head at her disapprovingly.

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