The winter unicorn


The winter unicorn is a fascinating creature. Unfortunately, the winter unicorn only comes out at night,to look for it’s food. Winter unicorns are nocturnal, which means they are asleep when we are awake, but when it’s night time for us, they are awake and they start their day. Amazingly, winter unicorns, at christmas, like to prance around town, hiding presents, like Santa. They usually hide them amongst trees, behind plants or in bushes. They love to play with other season unicorns that come out near their time.




Regular unicorns, live in forests, whereas some winter unicorns, live in the Arctic. Interestingly, winter unicorns, live in igloos! They love playing with their buddies. The warm, fuzzy polar bears, crazy, funny penguins and their besties, the adorable seals. Sadly, sometimes, winter unicorns get hunted down for their powers by humans, so they can get the powers for their own. A majority of people, who also love unicorns, (speaking winter unicorns), like to travel to the Arctic, to meet the winter unicorns and their friends, however, when people go to the Arctic, they need to wear multiple layers of clothing to protect themselves from the cold.




Unsurprisingly, winter unicorns, are very pretty. They have a long, ice horn, white, fluffy mane and lovely, soft fur. If a human were to catch a winter unicorn, they could, if they’re lucky, get a shot of their shiny mane and bright hooves. Winter unicorns have very long tails, that are made out of snow.




Surprisingly, most of the winter unicorns, love to eat chocolate. Their ideal meal would be, strawberries, chocolate and broccoli. Winter unicorns are very fat. For this reason is, they eat a lot of food, that is why they are very chunky.


If you ever want to meet one of these cold creatures, just listen for their beautiful voice, “ Fiddle Diddle, go shake my mane, don’t go out, in the rain, only come out on those summer days, and don’t… forget! Have you seen one before?

2 Responses to “The winter unicorn”

  1. 1 I loved how you included the reader your writing about like what they have to do to find one.
    2 What made you think of including seasons in your unicorn?
    3 I think you could add if they have ever been hunted or what it likes to do in its spare time

  2. Dustin-Gospel Oak Primary May 24, 2021 at 2:32 pm

    1. Great description!
    2. How did you get this idea of this passage?
    3. Mix up the fronted adverbials

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