The fire unicorn

This unique  species of unicorn is an  expert at controlling its element. It can turn invisible and can breath lightning.


Where does it live


Amazingly the fire unicorn can  live in many different places and is very kind to animals. However, its favorite places are deserts, jungles, mountains and fruit and flower forests of their own creation.


What does it eat


Unlike other unicorns this unicorn is not fussed about what it eats. It prefers to eat the juice in the fruit and flowers in forests of their own creation.


How do they look


The fire unicorn has a dark velvet sheet decorated in glitter.

ladys = silver

Men = gold

Girls = sapphire

Boys = ruby red


As well as that they have purple patterns etched onto their pale pink skin. Many have an electric sizzling body.


Fun facts


In the night these mythical creatures can be found by moonlit pools of freshwater and fish like an aquarium. Some create portals to other planets and read minds.


To stroke a unicorn you must wait for its eyes to turn turquoise. If it does not back away with caution.They can control the weather, have a glowing horn and wings to guide them.Have you ever seen one?


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