The Nightmare Unicorn

Wednesday 19th May 2021


                       The Nightmare Unicorn


The Nightmare unicorn,which is only female, has a dark green beautiful mane.

It has the most beautiful neat swirls on its charcoal grey body and it has a long clean dark green and black tail.

Abilities / powers

The Nightmare unicorn, which has a very kind soul, can free people of bad dreams. 

The Nightmare unicorn, Whom does not have many friends, that humans are scared of because most people think it is a bad guy but it happily solves many peoples problems.

This breed of unicorn is granted with the power to fly.



The Nightmare unicorn, Strangely likes the galaxy so it lives on the cliffs.

It is believed that this creature lives in the humans dreams/heads [But this is not true]



The Nightmare unicorn was once said to be fake in the medieval

Times but then a king had a nightmare a bad one it was that he was in the perspective of the unicorn being called a fake but then he felt bad for it – in reality – the unicorn was on a job to save the king from this bad dream it was a success then the king treated the unicorn to dinner.The king named the unicorn the royal horse.

The king adopted the unicorn to save people of these dreams.

They saved the world for eternity. 

                                      THE END 

Made By Toby Simmons

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