The storm unicorn

The Storm Unicorn 


The storm unicorn, which is a rare species of flying horse, is found near thunder clouds.

Every fortnight unicornologists gather near thunder clouds and science labs to find out more about these beautiful creatures. During recent lockdown periods, these unicorns have become magnificent and have journeyed to lightning bolts and other thunder clouds. To the happiness of many people the storm unicorn has now been seen making thunder bolts taking advantage of the storm and rain. However there is still more to find about this unicorn.


Would you be able to notice a storm unicorn when you saw one? Additionally they eat electric slytherin eels It’s a storm unicorn’s favourite food, they live in thunder clouds. Most unicorns have really long horns but this creature has a very very long horn, normally they are really really shy but when opponents approach they strike . There fur is grey and black and mane is brown


Many people understand that the unicorn can make wishes but this is yet to be proved If you understand that one has habitat in your local area it is probably best to keep it to yourself. They enjoy eels if you proceed with their trust. Remember though, these are cheeky creatures so don’t try to fly them as they will strike, let’s keep these unicorns safe for future generations 

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