The water unicorn

The water unicorn, which is a rare species of flying horse, is found near the beach most months unicornologist. Take in near information and their habitats to figure out more about the fascinating animals. During recent lockdown periods, these unicorns have become owners of the beaches and journeys to england and the united states. To the happiness of many people some people are worried about how these animals have been spotted in the usa. Taking advantage of the beaches and cites. However there is more to be found about these mythical creatures. 



These unicorns are very unique because they like to sculpt things out of coral , stone and sand they like to swim as fast as they can and even race each other and the fastest one is named can be confident but when it sees a whale they get really shy because they are bigger than them. And they love to make new friends. 


Many people imagine that they can make people’s wishes come true but this is yet to be proved yet if you imagine that one is near your local area , it’s probably best to keep it a secrets between you and the unicorn.they love when you gain there trust but remember though these creatures do live in the wild so dont to feed them. As they just can’t stop these animals getting invaded by hunters and lest keep these magnificent creatures safe for the many generations to come.

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