Moon unicorn


The moon unicorn, which is a rare type of flying horse is found near other planets in space. Every month unicorn oligists come to gather near the horizon and their windows in their house to find out more about these  amazing winged animal. During recent lockdown periods winged unicorn have become lonely and sad animals and have journeyed the milky way and the galaxy. To the delight of many people the unicorn has now been spotted in the sky taking advantage of England and America. However there a is more to be found about these creatures.




The moon unicorn sometimes threatens other planets by doing stuff such as throwing asteroids at other planets and trues to kill astronauts and alienns. However he is most of the time nice because he has other friends to play with friends such as playing catch sd tag. He also helps with jobs such as cleaning other planets and taking care of his youngs.


Many people imagine that the creature can grant wishes for his children but this has yet to be proved. If you believe that one is glamping in your local area, it is probably best to keep this as a secret. They love if you have saved their trust. Remember through, these are wild creatures so do not try to ride them as they recently create instructions!  Lets keep all of this a secret. 



9 Responses to “Unicorn”

  1. this is brilliant i love this keep up the great work

  2. great discription

    why did you just call it unicorn?

    Your title name

  3. I like have you have set your work out . What’s the unicorns favourite food? Maybe you could explain more about there habitats

    • I agree with you Imogen. Also you could call it Luna or Star something like that if you want too.

  4. Roberticus and Aliceson May 24, 2021 at 2:09 pm

    Dear Ryley,
    I like how you put it as a sort of fact file good job!

  5. 1its amazing keep up the good work did you think of the name of your unicorn
    3. You could use a relative clause

  6. good word choice

    why this title?

    check your capitals!

  7. Feedback: Instead of calling it animal I would just tweak that by saying creature but overall it’s a good and discriptive piece of writing.
    Well done keep going.

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