White Unicorn

The white unicorn which is thought to be extinct the white unicorn is not extinct but very rare. Barely anyone has seen anyone last time they were seen it was decades ago.

It has a white curly mane and hallucinating eyes that have a miniature dot that have been carefully                                                                                                                                       placed in the centre. There black small hooves that are light so they don’t fall through the clouds.

It normally goes out in the night so there white figure stands out in the dark sky people usually mistake it for a shooting star. It eats daisies to help keep its colour.

There biggest predator is the DARK unicorn and humans. Humans like to kill white unicorns for their blood their blood makes you live for another 20 years. The DARK unicorn kills the white unicorn because they are worst ENIMIES.

Its magical powers are speed and it can change how bright its skin is it can go that bright it can go half the brightness of the sun. It could blind someone! It can move clouds by its horn where ever its horn points at the sky magnets follow where it goes to help keep its colour. It can travel the light of speed.


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