Chapter one- Daisy in the shop.

Daisy, Rosie and Eva were playing hide and seek. Daisy was hiding. Rosie and Eva were counting. Well it was supposed to just be Rosie, but she was too scared and too young. When daisy was counting, she saw a door. An open door. Since Daisy was so curious, she went in side…

Everywhere she looked, she wanted it. Every single thing in this giant emporium. The appetizing, irresistible candyfloss smelt amazing! Daisy just wanted to stuff her face with it all. The best part was that the candyfloss was her favourite. Whilst she was sat down stuffing her face, she noticed a door. An intricate unique door that was as tall as a 64 floor building. Daisy was mesmorised!  The deatail in the oak wood was immense! Next to the dusty doo was miniture fireflies . They were so tiny and lit up the room! Behind that was something Daisy dreamed about. A polished, elegant, royal CROWN! She really wanted to put it on. So she did and felt like a queen.

“WHERE IS MY CROWN!” screamed the queen. Daisy knew she was in trouble…

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