Galaxy Unicorn by Amberley

The Galaxy Unicorn


Galaxy unicorns are the most intriguing unicorn there is. Sure the other people say their unicorns are intriguing but this unicorn is the intriguing one. They are awfully rare. We found a 15 year old GALAXY UNICORN.


Peek A Boo


This unicorn is 10 hands tall. The Galaxy Unicorn  looks like the magical Galaxy.

Her main is amethyst blended into azure blue. Her horn is mauve and her shoes. Their marks are a family of stars which is placed on the sides.


Hide and seek


Galaxy Unicorns live at Sparkly village. We found this out because we followed the Galaxy Unicorns sparkly train. Surprisingly this village is placed in a giant willow tree. The only creatures that are allowed in are Candy Unicorns, Water Unicorns, Sky Unicorns and generally, phoenixes.  Amazingly they know how to read.


Yummy Scrummy in my Tummy


Annoyingly, Galaxy Unicorns are picky eaters. So if you want to look after one you have to give them what’s on their menu.

Surprisingly, their favourite food is moon biscuits. You can only find these on the moons of Twilight  Village.However they do enjoy sugar lumps. They will settle apples if they have thought.


What to expect


If you meet a Galaxy unicorn which is unlikely because they can camouflage. But if they come to your town then that means that something is wrong. Usually when they come they are with Water unicorn, phoenix  and sky unicorn. They are a squad. Usually to fix the crime of the evil unicorn. The Devil unicorn  is afraid of these 4 unicorns. So if they are around you are safe.

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