Haunted Unicorn

The Haunted Unicorn


Have you ever heard of the Haunted Unicorn?

Interestingly, they live in the underworld!


Have you seen me?


They have a scarlet mane and ruby eyes.They are mostly red and surprisingly, can be seen as black or a blue. They have red teeth and kind ones can have white teeth although that is a mythical breed as it has rarely been seen. It has an evil shadowy aura around its hooves and a crimson aura around its mane.




The Haunted Unicorn lives in the underworld and only comes to other planets especially earth so it can kill. It hides in abandoned houses and if anyone chooses to live there then it will kill the person who chose to live there.


Time For Dinner


It might occasionally come to earth to stay so it can get more food to eat.Do not try to approach this Unicorn when it is eating and don’t try to eat its food because if you do then will try to attack you 2. You will be a cannibal because it eats human ******* always drinks sweet blood and it eats flesh in addition its favorite flesh is rotten flesh.

What Do I Do?


The majority of this Unicorn breed is completely evil and has no mercy for anything or anyone.They love to collect hardened blood and loves to kill with the blood Unicorn. Its favorite thing to do is killing and stalking to scare people or look for its next victim. 


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