Lightning unicorns


Have you ever heard of a lightning unicorn?Fascinatingly,their hobbies are to hit a human with a lightning bolt and to make a street turn to dust.


Fashion Time

You will know if you see them with a milky white body and a buttercup main. Amazingly, they’ve got a special birthmark which is a lightning bolt in the left eye.They like to camouflage their opal body but surprisingly, their wings are a sky silky blue wings.


Hide and seek

The Lightning Unicorn can only be found in Eighdinburrah. Curiously, their favourate place in Eighdinburrah is Arther Seat because the rain is heavier there than on the streets. Surprisingly, there are the rarest unicorns in the world even though a lot of people go up the dormant volcano. 


What on the menu

Weirdly, the Lightning Unicorn eats poisonous apples of the trees in the forbidden woods AND THERE POISONOUS!The majority of them do like a wonder in the flower unicorn wood so they can get nuts and carrots and to make their woods a bit uglier.


What Do You Expect From Me

If you see one of these magic unicorns it’s best to go because if they see you in their woods they will get you and they will make you into a curtain, a rug or even a wallpaper but the only place they are calm with people around is Author Seat. If they do find you it is better to RUN into the lovely lake in the forbidden wood or you will know what will happen!

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