Rock Pegasus

The Rock Pegasus


There are lots of unicorn breeds from the volcana horned horse to the ocean unicorn but

the most amazing is probably the rock pegasus. Not much is known as it is too deadly to get close to as it can absorb power.


Now these creatures can be hard to spot so you need to know what they look like. The rock unicorn has strong armour on its skin the color of cement. Its eyes are as black as night and it has a small horn on its nose. Its hooves are quite plain but when threatened they turn into the sharpest of claws. Like most unicorns it has a horn on its head and powerful legs. It really is the rhino of the unicorns.


Unicorns are ravenous creatures and love their food but different unicorns have different tastes. Obviously, the rock pegasus eats meat but unlike some unicorn kind they eat meat full time. As they live in the savannah they have learnt to eat larger creatures than other unicorn and pegasi. They mostly eat zebras and deer, rodents if nothing else and other predators if starving. Curiously, there has never been a time when a rock pegasus has killed another rock pegasus.


It was thought that the rock pegasus lived on desert islands but now we know that was the shape shifter unicorn. The rock pegasus lives in many african savannahs.They bring up their young in holes they make underground preferably near water. Though very surprisingly some rock pegasus live on the island of volcana were the volcana horned horse calls home.


How do you know if a unicorn is angry or not? Many unicorn kind have protective stuff but the rock unicorn is armoured to the teeth. When threatened they curl up and use all the power their enemy is striking on them and absorb that power. Interestingly, they have a very strong bond with the volcana horned horse.


If you see this unicorn I would drop anything that looks dangerous and move away.


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