The cloud unicorn

Cloud unicorns


Have you ever wanted to know about the rarest creature in 

all history? Well this is lucky for you because this is a whole paragraph all about Cloud unicorns! Cloud unicorns are most known for their protective horn as it amazingly 

glows bright orange if it is in danger. Which is why it has only ever been spotted once. Especially when there are over 20,000, it’s crazy.




Have you ever wanted to know where it lives? Well lucky here. If you wanted to see it you would have to go far far away. You would usually see them on the coasts of africa running around or mostly in hot sunny places E.G waterfalls because they like mucking about in the water as the hot wind blows on there back

like a hot blow dryer.




If you ever saw one then you would be shocked to see that they are more beautiful than you ever expected. As they have soft sleek skin, emerald green eyes and a beautiful cotton candy tail that swishes gracefully in the wind. The last time it was spotted was in 1982  by a man named John Cambel.




Have you ever wondered what they eat? Well listen in here because this is all you want to know. Cloud unicorns may sometimes eat candy floss, golden apples that you find in the bottom of the enchanted lake in a Elberry woods, salt water and carrots which is surprisingly why their horn glows bright orange. Also an interesting fact is that when

they eat carrots instead of their vision being good at night it actually looks completely like its morning so they basically just live in eternal light.




Cloud unicorns are very gentle and would never even hurt a fly

but it only attacks if it believes its children are in danger. 

Also it tries to attack in the nicest way possible.



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