The emorium





Sometimes strange stuff happens in this place, but this is probably the strangest one by far  

The magical emporium had a lovely navy-blue colour, and it is 20 ft tall and the wider than a whale it looks magical no one has ever been there apart from …Eddie there is a massive park beside it has pound and it is big for a pound, and everyone feeds the duck that just stays there every day. That emporium is a strange place some people say when you go in you never come out. 

The only people that have been in then has not came and when they did, they went crazy. 


Chapter 1-Through the door 

One day a boy called Eddie who is an immigrant from France who is always happy he is always going for jogs playing sports like basketball, tennis, etc and when he’s always happy trying he’s best he is a big ball of happiness most of the time until one day he felt sad inside he also felt curious this day, so he seen the emporium that he walked in it and. 

He seen nothing apart from a table with a book on it and the book said in big capital 

                                                                  MY LIFE 


                                                              By eddie simoens  

Which is his name he thought was strange then just moved on to try find something else 

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