The galaxy unicorn

The Galaxy Unicorn


The galaxy unicorn, that is very rare, has dark skin as dark as night, she has hoofs that dash out shooting stars when she runs in the air and has a sharp horn that has a purple ring that contains space air, lives in the milky way galaxy.


Amazingly, she is not the only galaxy unicorn. There are only a few of them and they are her whole family. They always stick together whatever situation they are in.


The galaxy unicorn is very protective and always saves everyone in danger. She knows when people are not safe. She has a spectating mind, but only spectates people in danger, then she knows when to rescue people.


She has a soft gaze and always sees things positively. Surprisingly, she is never upset or angry. The galaxy unicorn is only angry when people or her family are attacked.


Weirdly, she only eats stars. Her favourite food is the brightest stars in space. Sometimes, the brightness from the stars shine through her body and makes her glow. She drinks dust from Saturn which is weirdly liquid!


Some people may think that she has prey but actually she doesn’t. She only eats the stars and drinks the dust of Saturn. Her predators are the alien boss and his violent crew.


The galaxy unicorn lives in the milky way galaxy where her family lives. Strangely, there is a secret portal in there where it leads to another dimension.


She has very special skills. She can communicate to the stars and can be friends with aliens, only if they are not violent. Which only a few galaxy unicorns can do.

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