The golden pegasus

The Golden Pegasus


There are a variety of different unicorn breads. Some unicorns come with amazing powers but the most interesting one is “The Golden Pegasus” which is the most powerful creature in the world.


Do you think you have the right eyes to see this wonderful creature? Well this pegasus is different to other types of unicorns. Usually unicorns have “rainbow hair and a rainbow tail” but this pegasus is more unique. Everytime this unicorn gets hurt or injured then it will convert the injuries into energy & heath. If you ever see this creature you need to know what it looks like. The creature will have leathery golden wings with white fire markings, diamond laprise eyes, a cone on its head made out of metallic steel, and golden shoes.


This creature is able to eat anything it thinks of but in general the creature likes to eat apples, hay, pineapples, and leaves. There was one report showing that the golden pegasus had been spotted while it was going out for lunch. Amazingly, the golden pegasus erased the person’s mind before telling anybody.


This creature’s behaviour is quite neutral. The golden pegasus loves to wander around in the grassland fields but the pegasus always goes invisible so not even the animals see the pegasus.


So… now that you have been informed about this amazing creature if you ever see it make sure to keep it a secret we don’t want this amazing creature to be targeted

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