The mysterious ocean unicorn

Unicorns are very mysterious. But one of the most mysterious unicorns is the ocean unicorn. It is very rare to see one so few know it exists or what it looks like. It’s pretty fast but you may just get a glimpse of one…


The ocean unicorn loves to eat seaweed so they’re usually found near big patches of it. They like gems too so they like to live in ocean caves. Tropical waters are good for the ocean unicorns skin so they’re mainly found around those types of waters. Unusually, they sometimes use boats as shade.


Interestingly, this unicorn has lapis coloured markings, an ombre tail and mane and silver, tough hooves. The ocean unicorn likes to have a clean body. If anything gets off their coat they freak out. They have a bright, golden horn as golden as a lion’s coat. Their bright, blue nose stands out as it’s very neon.


The majority of ocean unicorns usually eat seaweed and sometimes plankton. Their diet varies as they can go deep into the ocean. They also love jellyfish. Weirdly, they even like blobfish!


Amazingly, this type of unicorn can survive the deepest of zones. From the sunlight zone all the way to the abyssopelagic zone! They love eating with other unicorns and they even like doing yoga. ( though sometimes they can get really mad.. )


So if you find an ocean unicorn, there aren’t that many so take it easy. Not many people know about the ocean unicorn. If it’s either today or tomorrow or even if it’s at night, always approach it slowly. However, if you have seaweed on your boat they may try and capsize to get the food, so just beware! 




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