A mysterious sighting!

Sammy Jones, news reporter correspondent.

A new sighting at Summer’s hill, London. A mysterious creature has been discovered. Right now at sunrise friendly and curious dragons have lit up the sky with a morning alarm, fireworks! The curious dragons were blocking the sun and lighting up the sky with friendly firework signs as a prize of friendship.The black opal coloured dragons were thought to be trying to make a signal that they would be destroying Summer’s hill. Some people thought that the dragons were just trying to be friendly.

The owner of the richest house, Lila spike, commented, “This is super cute, baby dragons and their mothers are trying to be friends with us humans, A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!”

The owner of the second richest house, Hannah Shine, replied to Sammy Jones,“Wow, this is an adorable moment here, this is probably the first time ever that this has happened anywhere on Earth!”

As I arrived, people were awww-ing at something, as I came closer I could see some silhouettes in the sky.I could finally see colours and saw something cute but scary, DRAGONS! Before I arrived, people were crowded around the top of the hill. Some people told me that these friendly dragons were wanting to be friends with us humans.

“Mathhew Freeman, a person in the crowd, Exclaimed: These dragons are really lighting up the sky this morning, somehow, it seems that everyone thinks that these spectacular creatures are trying to be friends with us, some think the opposite.

The police commented: “Everyone should see this, if the dragons WERE dangerous, they would’ve set us ablaze already, but instead they’re making us feel welcome to them.
Personally I think that these dragons are cute and adorable!”

The head of the council exclaimed: “I agree with the police team, they say everything right, especially in this case.I thought that as soon as they would arrive, I would capture them, but the police said it right. I’ve changed my plans, I’ll let the dragons stay.”

Well I guess this is it for the news, come back next time when there’s more information.

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