The unusually emporium

The unusually emporium   


End of chapter 1-   Through the door and into the unknown


Bob was small for his age so he decided he is going to go the toys section. He realized he had no money to buy any toys. He did like the Lego sets to build his imagination.


Chapter two- Seeing the book

A rattle squeak noise came from the edge of the a good distance.

“Before we go in and investigate I must tell you my name young man my name is Luciano silver” he interrupted, with a glare at him.

“And my name is Bob” he replied, with a confused face. 


They stepped towards the hole in the wall but Luciano silver never knew it was there. The squeak got louder as they got near the cave that was tiny and only a rat or a mouse can fit it. Luciano silver asked my what is could be. I replied with a answer and it was. Mabey we were just imagining thing like this shop never had an animal for years.


A hardly any minutes go by, later they both found another sound it didn’t sound like a mouse or something it sounded like something has been robbed because the alarm went off and it didn’t stop or a fire. I knew there was a forest near they shop and it probably was on fire. But we found out it was someone doing noise like a fire alarm or something.


Happily, Bob whispered, “wait a minute,” Bob saw a magical book called the book of wonders. He asked if he can buy you it was for only for a special person. Bob wondered who the ‘special person’ was. The book was like it had sharp ,pointy teeth and there was eyes that look like it my emerald. Luciano silver, who was ever so tall, told not to touch the book green eyes book.


Confusingly, Bob saw a dragonfly door he Luciano sliver open it with so bob followed him. With a shocked face, he met a whole new person through the door. Bob was so theorized by who it was. It was His Dad…He so bombshell… He couldn’t be anymore scared .So, that was the special person Luciano sliver was talking about…

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