Chapter2- Mysterious Emporium

he Curious Emporium, contd End of chapter 1- Through the door.


Jack eyed a book that caught his attention on the front cover it said the book of legends. ” I see you’ve found my precious, delicate book” said a voice behind him.

Chapter 2- warning disobeyed

 Slowly, he turned around and saw a man wearing a black jumper,  grey, long trousers, brown, pointy pikes  and a short white hat. I turned around and he told me his name and it was “Luciano Gold” he said with a gentle voice.

“You can explore my Emporium but do not touch the book. I am warning you”!  He shouted  with a loud voice. “If you do touch the book something bad will happen.”


Later, Luciano Gold disappeared into thin, white air which you could see. After, he had disappeared

Jack was so tempted to touch the book even though it would lead him into danger, he wanted to explore as much as he can on the best day of his life. He  was thinking a lot about it and then he  finally decided what he is going to do…


He wanted to do it. After, he smashed the blue, transparent glass which made his hand bleed already he  regrated it but then she took the book. A alarm went  on she quickly put the book back. Also she covered the smashed glass and he bleeding hand behind him . Suddenly, he saw Luciano Gold and got terrified. He asked “what is the matter here?” 

“nothing”  he replied. After, he just flew away and then said  nothing Jack couldn’t believe he got away with that. Excitedly, Jack grabbed the book and he whispered “This is amazing ” in a quiet voice.

Jack was so excited and he opened the book of legends. After, a alive toy said to him follow me and this  is a message from Luciano Gold. Jack was terrified but he still followed the alive, creepy toy. Jack had no choice but to follow the toy. Jack warmed up like the sun was right in front of him. He got leaded into a colorful door. Luciano gold shapeshifted into himself from that creepy toy and he told Jack “this is your punishment”  while trying not to shout. Luciano Gold  opened the colorful door and then pushed Jack  in. Jack was stranded in a desert with a single tree which was close to disappearing

Jack was going to die in no time. He could only see that single tree nothing else and only heard the wind and the sun boiling. He learned that he should have never touched that mysterious book even though he was warned.

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