Magical Emporium

The magical emporium

I see you have found my magical book Sukasa  gasped and  stared at the the book and looked at the owner .The owner was an old man that had shiny eyes and on his right shoulder he had a bunny a baby one . The bunny took a look at  Bob and it wiggled at him.




A few moments later Ura Chaca went and Sukasa was really curious about  the book.  He was tempted to touch the book but he kept Ura Chacas words in his head there was a path he went threw it  seemed like millions of doors  the hall way never seemed to stop he was walking for a while he saw a door that was crystal clear and shined like  diamonds he was curious he went inside.

 ”Wow this is amazing. He went inside and closed his eyes soon enough he  opened his eyes and found himself in a beach and was standing on hot sand, which was so soft it felt like flour.


It was like his dream had come true, the cool breeze surfaced  around Sukasa  and made him feel comfortable and he touched the the cool crystalal clear water that was blue. The sky had big stars and shooting stars passing by and fluffy purple clouds ”How can this be so amazing !”




”My name is Ura Chaca he said staring at Bob with a glance ”this is my Emporium do you like it? Bob was blank minded so he did not know what to say  you can look anywhere just do  not look in the book please  if you do you will be in a lot of trouble .

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