A Warning disobeyed

“My name is Lucian emerald and I am the owner of this imaginative shop. “Do you like it?” 

I was Happy here so I just mumbled yes. I told the mysterious man 

“what is that on your desk.” 

“This is my book of imagination and this is what created this place.”  ” I am the wonderous and amazing Lucian emerald,” I laughed in a kind and rude way. He whispered ” Do not touch the book or bad BAD things will happen.


Minutes later, Lucian emerald has just vanished and disappeared behind a red curtain and I was confused but he probably had business stuff to do. Annoyingly I just took one step away from the desk but the book  Was just calling me and I don’t know why. With determination he took a step forward to the desk and I just wanted to know what was in the mysterious book pages. Sneakily, he  peaked through the red curtain and just wanted to see what was in there and  hoped the owner wasn’t there.


Turning back, Luke looked at the desk and opened the mysterious book which contained wonderous pages. Every single page had a wonderful  imagination and wonderful drawings of chocolate fountains and gummy so he just grabbed a chunk of gummy bears and shoved it into his mouth. Every page had a wonderous idea or painting like a skyscraper and a chocolate swimming pool. Mountains made out of chocolate and he said to himself welcome to yummy heaven. 


 With hesitation Luke grabbed a black pen on the desk and  next thing he knew he was writing a wonder in the book of imagination. Happily saw himself entering a gummy world and him jumping in a chocolate pool. And they were sun baving under a golden chocolate sun.


Right when he finished his wonder an owl appeared out of the floor and said “Follow me,” in a squeaky voice. With speed the owl flew down the corridor and it’s multi colored beak touched the door and a beaming sunshine came out of the door so I opened the door ,which was freshly painted. He opened the door and entered.


He stepped into an imaginative place which was meant to be a room but no it was a gummy land chocolate as raindrops and gummy bears squirting from the floor it was amazing. With joy he jumped into the chocolate pool and started eating the chocolate on the sides because of my lack of hunger. With realization, he thought it was the exact thing that he wrote in the book of imagination. Without stopping, Luke ran down to the gummy statue and next thing he knew he named this day the best day ever. This shop is the best shop ever.

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