chapter 2

Bob could not stop looking at the enchanted box up on the shelf just waiting for it to be opened. So he climbed up, grabbed the glimmering box and jumped down. As soon as he opened the box he felt magical, so magical like he was in a dream. It was a diamond. An enchanted diamond that he was holding in is hands.

“What are you doing with that?” asked a mysterious man. Bob froze. “Hello can you hear me?” The man asked. No response. “Well since you’re not talking I guess I’ll take that box,” the man said.

“No!” Bob shouted.

“Ok!” The man said, “Calm down!” “Now, I’m going to ask you this again and,” he said, “what are you doing with that box?

“N-N Nothing,” Bob stuttered, “I was just holding it.”

“Well, be careful with that thing,” the shopkeeper said.

“Ok, I won’t break it I promise,” Bob said nervously. The shopkeeper laughs

“No it’s not that,” He said

“What then,” Bob asked.

“Well you see, that diamond could make you go back in time or to the future and you can never escape,” the man said.

“o-ok,” Bob said wanting to touch the diamond really bad.

DING! “OOOO one second my pizza’s ready,” the man said excitedly.

“That’s why it smelled like pizza,” Bob said under his breath. The box just stood there menacingly but Bob couldn’t do it. He couldn’t betray the shopkeeper so Bob waited and waited and waited until… “I can’t take this anymore!” Bob shouted.

“What?” the shopkeeper asked while walking in the room.

“Nothing, go away!” Bob shouted

“Ok jeez” said the shopkeeper while walking out of the room. Bob climbed back up and got the box. It felt like a magical wonderland.

While Bob was holding it he started to get a bit wet but Bob just thought it was a pipe leak or something like that. But the longer he held it the wetter he got. He got so wet to the point that Bob felt like he just came out of the shower. He felt overwhelmed. So overwhelmed that he just had to close his eyes and relax. The world disappeared around him.

As soon as he opened his eyes he just saw darkness. He felt like he was in an ocean and that’s because he was. He swam all the way up but realized he had lost the diamond. Bob started to panic. Luckily he saw a sparkle the same sparkle the diamond had. This could’ve been were the diamond was found. Bob swam all the way back down and grabbed the diamond.

Luckily he was pretty close the shore so he swam until he finally made it. When he got out of the water he saw a lot of changes and heard bombs? Bob walked up to a man and asked where he was. “Where in WW2.


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