chapter 2- looking through the mysterious emporium

Looking through the emporium I see a door but not just any door, a door that’s glowing like it was calling me to come to it. It was so tempting to go through but I thought it was the wrong idea but it was like hypnotizing me to come in and I finally snapped out of it and made my decision so I went through the door and I saw a magnificent view. It was so marvelous, and there was an incredible, luminous sky and it was so breathtaking. Surprisingly it just wants to make you smile happiness and joyfully. There was beautiful reflective sky that is shiny that you can see your full reflection of every part of you. 

Scared, because someone in a deep dark voice stated hello. “I see you have found the door to the wonderful view.” I mumbled

” Who are you and what do you want?” He stated his name was Lucien silver. He said to follow him and me took me to another mystical door and he opened and inside was mysterious forest and he told me this is door that if you think of anything it will appear in the matter of seconds or minutes, he also said concentrate, focus on what you want to appear let your mind free, think of something you’ve always wanted. I thought of something and it appeared it was my mum she died so I wanted to bring her back .


I ran straight to my mum ,and enjoyed every last bit of it until she would fade away and then she faded away I cried because I didn’t get to spend more time with her and then Lucien came up to me and patted me on the back he  Lucien calmly stated

“Let’s take you back to the other room so you can get that smile back on you” we went into the  room and I smiled then we came back out then we came to another door and I looked further down and there were like hundreds of doors but this one was a bit strange it said the door of mysterious wonders so I went in and I saw different boxes and they all said a name. Lucien told me people write a wonder in this book and let it appear in one of these boxes and they would go live there life in it but this is the twist once you enter you can’t leave and no one else can leave. Lucien told me to draw a wonder in the book so I did and it appeared Lucien told me do you want to go in or not it was a hard decision but I denied and stayed in the real world. I asked him how does this all happen like these boxes appear out of nowhere, he replied with one word MAGIC. I shouted magic really I thought magic didn’t exist but he made me realize magic does exist and he stated “when people do magic they make you want to see what they want you to see but it’s all a mystical illusion” and he stated “that seeing isn’t always believing.

After that we went to the magical kitchen and I asked  is everything magical in this place, he replied” no everything in this place isn’t all magical” and he stated ” look at that globe it looks like it  is magical with the ancient writing on it but it is not because it is just a  regular globe.” Surprisingly, I was shocked that everything in this beautiful place isn’t all magical” We ate then he told me to follow him and he showed me the heart of the emporium.  

Lucien stated ” THE BOOK OF WONDERS.”

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