Chapter 3- New world of legos

Jeremy opened the door to enter his new land he created with the book. It was a full world made out of lego. he was so surprised he ran to a house to see what’s inside.The lego house had everything it needed: a lego bed that looks comfy for lego people; a lego kitchen which had a lego cake that didn’t look very edible; and had a kettle which had black lego liquid that looks like coffee.

He started to hear water running but the tap was off.The running got louder and louder when he got near the bathroom, when he opened it he saw a lego man washing his hand. ” Hello?” he said. The lego man turned around looked at him with his black eyes and started running at him.

Jeremy got out of the house running for his life away from it. “Come back here” said a croaky voice behind him.

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