The Underground Emporium Part 3

Will was stunned by all of the amazing wonders he was witnessing. However, his first instinct was to go to the castle which was like an illusion as the sun behind it was slowly sinking. Will was now at the front of the humongous castle and suddenly he froze. Of what use to be a beautiful sunset, was now nothing but cold and gloomy darkness. Suddenly, a little thud came out of nowhere. The noise was rising like a balloon. Now the thuds were constant. THUD THUD THUD!! Eventually, the castle entrance slowly hatched open. Will rushed in as his heart was pumping.  As soon as the door shut, he looked around to see who had allowed him to enter and also if there was a reason why they took so long. Before he could do a fully turn, a low and croaky voice whispered.

“It has begun.”

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