Creature spotted in local town-Finley and Melody

Last month, 65 BC (April), reports were erupting at news stations in Pompeii of a Hydra climbing out the volcano. Local citizen Nelly Goodall (32) has seen the the Hydra first.

Nelly Goodall who was eating her tea heard a hiss coming from the volcano and could see from her window it was a Hydra. "While i was eating my fish and chips, I couldn't believe my eyes nit stared into my soul!!." Nelly reported looking visibly terrified. "I ran upstairs and hid in my wardrobe." The furore was heard by many locals but Nelly was the only eye-witness.

Pompeii police have told many people to be careful when strolling in Pompeii and to report any sightings or strange noises. Local hydraologists, Dr. Pepper she will try and find some info to get rid of this unholy beast before it's to powerful everybody help.

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