Humans entered the enchanted forests!

Ami Paris, a goblin,the enchanted forest reporter

A human named Luna entered the enchanted forest 6 minutes ago after years of no humans here! It came with a smaller version of itself for some reason, its name is Asher. Us creatures are scared this human will leak out that we are here and since all humans that have been around this place have said we were here so we changed the look and name of the forest. Humans are actually horrible and these ones probably not even different. The humans were seen looking at wood and bark and looking at their leaves most likely to take them in their carrier, or bag, as humans call it. They most likely came to study us but we won’t let them! We don’t know how they got in without the tree key , it was not spotted on them by the flies so we have no clue . Just stay in your tree houses and be careful.

Hello everyone I am Ami and I have heard that there are humans in the forest.
I arrived 6 minutes after the humans left to explore and right now I am at the creaky,dirty metal gate.

We have figured out the humans name, age, size and what they like. The bigger human is called Luna and she is 10 years old. She loves chocolate . The smaller one is called Asher, he is 5 years old and he loves dinosaurs. Here are some comments from Moon who saw the whole thing.
“H-hello I am Moon and I saw the humans enter the forest while I was playing hide and seek with sissy, I was scared so I went invisible”
I feel bad for the child, NONE can leave their homes until these humans are gone and their memory of the enchanted forest removed.

I will be calling the B.H.P (bear honey police) but for now I highly recommend you stay in your houses and DO NOT come out until we report we have gotten them out of the forest, we may even need the H.O.F(hiders of the forests ) to come and make this look like a normal forest . We do not want any sort of creature unless you are a bird or bear out because the humans might leak out we are here.. again.

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