The fnaf emporium 2

Michael could not stop thinking about Endo-Foxy. Something about it didn’t feel right. Michael wanted to get a closer look at it so he went closer and closer and closer until he was in front of Endo-Foxy. He was about to touch it until.

“Don’t touch it yet, it’s not finished,” said Henry while rushing over, “I tried it with one of my co-workers they tried touching it then disappeared its very dangerous.” Michael frowned he was looking forward to feeling it, “Okay,” he said looking down.

Henry heard footsteps from the other room, “I’ll be right back,” he said. Michael was still for a moment he was having second thoughts about what he was about to do. He didn’t know what to do.

 Michael knew what to do, “Nothing will happen…right?” he said shakenly advancing toward foxy. He touched it and purple gas filled the room, the world began to shake. Michaels eyes became blurry and he began to close his eyes the world went black.

Michael opened his eyes but they were blurry. He thought to himself, “I should have listened to uncle henry.” The cages were a copper colour. Suddenly the world went black.

He opened his eyes this time they were clear. He surveyed the area and saw a man Michael asked, “What year is it” The man replied, “1833.” Mike was utterly shocked.

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