A marshmello dragon has been spoted

There is breaking news. My name is Larry plumpton and there has been a discovery of dragons.

Last week Percy smut (our dragonologist ) discovered dragons. This is a video of what he said last week. I just discovered mallow dragons. I thought they were extinct 10000 years ago.

” I was on a walk with my friend and he heard something
bushes started rattling then I saw a flame. The flame was coming closer and closer until we could see the creature. It was a dragon made of marshmallow. It was roasting a marshmallow and he offered me one that was delicious. As soon as I got back I called my crew of scientists and we found out it was the last pack of mallow dragons in the world so we took them to our rare dragon sanctuary to make shour these amazing creatures don't go extinct.

If you see a mello dragon call the RCFD ( Rescue Centre For Dragons ) as soon as possible tell them your name and where you saw it. ( RCFD phone number
4812 3695).

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