Jake Smith rare animals reporter.

Today people have said they have seen a gold unicorn with sparkling fur and glitter that makes it shine like a star. A lady named Miss Lovejoy said there has been a unicorn in the daycare centre. “I heard a loud bang and I saw a unicorn at 5:24pm when the children were about to go home.” Then Miss Lovejoy thought for a long time about what had happened then she had thought about what happened that day. “The class started at 2pm. She went to the kitchen to get the childrens lunch. She went at 3pm then i think the unicorn came and played i came back at 5pm”. Then she saw the unicorn in her head. It was made out of gold and sparkles. Suddenly an evil unicorn came and broke her thought. She was astonished, she was suddenly awakened. She remembered how she was thinking then fell asleep.

A large group of men came and started to say what they have witnessed.A tall man came up to the front and said “i witness (i saw) a large, not to big sparkling unicorn”. “The other small kind of man said that the unicorn was the same size as me but 1 foot bigger”.Then all of a sudden a sparkling gold idea came into Mrs lovejoy head she shouted out “GOLDEN UNICORN CAN ONLY BE SEEN BY CHILDREN NOT ADULTS OR THEY WILL DISSAPPEAR”.She then took a breathe and said again “GOLDEN UNICORN COMES DOWN TO EARTH AND MAKES KIDS HAPPY IT’S TORTURE IF A GROWN UP SEES THEM”.

The next hour of the amazing news the police came bursting inside when he finally checked the room if there was no unicorn. He came in and he said if you see a unicorn you will report the council and tell me my name is jack Wil. Then he called the council to come and say what he wanted. While he was arriving the police called Jack laid out the red carpet then they made tea then finally he arrived everyone was sitting down listening carefully he said i want to know what it like then mrs Lovejoy said that we said it loves children and plays with them.

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