By Lebron James 27th may 2021

This morning, a family four spotted a dangerous beast with emerald eye on the beach.They were petrified and it was laying on the sand .Interstingly it was from Greece .Did you know
The beast was 1210 years of age?

Jerogie Edward was jogging down the calm,peaceful beach until he discovered that a vicious beast was turning people to golden statues that gleamed and shined as the sun was going down and moon was coming up.A witness claimed” I was terrified and had butterflies in my tiny stomach” said lily rose . Unfortunately, there were 500 hundred people or more that turned to shing gold statues. Another witness told them that I had to run as fast as I could or I would be turned to stone. Amazingly, it was 10 meter tall.

The turkey president said that “be aware of your surroundings also you can go for important stuff to do” claimed tenam the president.Luckily a scientist told everyone “ we have to stay at home no matter what, we still haven’t captured the vicious beast.” When we do you can be free to do whatever you want also if you know where it is called immediately please. Claimed the scientist

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