Exclusive Report Written By Richard Toot, Unicornoligist Reporter, Daily Creature Chronicle

This morning, David Berry ,who is 42 years old, was exploring a cave located in Water Forest, when all of a sudden he came across two nightmare unicorns feeding off rocks.

David, who lives down the road from Water Forest, was on a walk with his family when he stumbled upon a deep, dark cave and decided that he wanted to explore it. Dave tripped over and landed on a nest full of bright green grass and sand. When he looked up, he saw two menacing nightmare unicorns peacefully chewing on salt rocks. When Creature Chronicle interviewed him, Dave explained that the terrifying beasts were around ten times bigger than his own body! Then he went on to add, “Luckily, the horrible creatures didn’t notice me but if they did, then I would have been in great danger”.

Local police have set down cameras around the Forest so in the event that the two beasts exit the scene, somebody will be alerted immediately. All residents of the area have been advised to stay a distance away from Water Forest until we are sure that they have left and are clearly not coming back.

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