The magical emporium chapter 2

End of chapter one- through the door

“I see you found my book” said a normal voice, Jake turned slowly and stood still “Hi, wh-who are you” he said.

Chapter 2 – A Warning Disobeyed

“Hi my name is Luciano Gold, this is my shop” he said kindly Jake felt more confident “Do you like it “he said hoping for an answer “Yes, of course” said Jake “You can explore as much as you like just don’t touch the book”


Then the man disappeared into thin air and left a black coat the boy looked down the corridor there were like a hundred doors but no human he thought of leaving the book alone but something told him to look so he did.


He opened the book and saw the wonder of amazing places like the mountain, villages, cities, sky land, and the forest. In each place they were wonders in imaginations.



After that, there was a pen in Jakes hand and he was drawing a forest with a path and a cottage through the window she drew the one thing she most longed for.


Follow said an owl without a thought he did the owl stopped at a painted door and went to the floor the animal put his head on the door and knocked. Jake knew exactly what to. He opened the door and entered. He saw a forest and a path without a thought he ran to it he saw a cabin just like his imagination

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