The snowflake unicorn

Grace Hall, 38 years old, news reporting

Breaking news, at six o’clock last night, three small, snowflake unicorns have been spotted in Ashton hiding in the shadows of buildings. Later that night at 10 o’clock they were caught breaking in to shops, houses, bakeries, schools and churches.

Last night, Evie Wilson, age 17, was about to go to bed when there was a bang downstairs… she got up and hurried down the stairs to find an energetic horse-looking creature rummaging through the kitchen cupboards. Then she suddenly noticed a sharp silver horn sticking out of its small head and a snowflake mark on the creatures’ neck. “I felt worried about my things, and then called the police,” she explained. “when they answered the phone and I told them what had happened and they said that there have been two other reports about them already, one in a clothes shop and one in a church.” Evie said that she was shocked to hear this. When the police got here they had a vet with them and the vet put a needle in the unicorn and made it go sleepy and tired. Once that was done they took it (in a horse box) to a nearby forest and set it free. “Also they helped me tidy my house when we got back.”

Advice from the police is to keep an eye out for them and if you see a unicorn report straight to the police.

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