Exclusive report written by Abby Johnson, newspaper reporter for the Shuttle.

Yesterday, Scarlett More was looking for daisies in Wyre Forest when she witnessed two large trolls fighting for food .

Scarlett, who lives in Soap Lane, was in Wyre Forest on the hunt for daisies. The young girl was running among the trees when suddenly, she witnessed two large trolls fighting each other for food. Scarlett explained that the troublesome trolls looked green with stumpy feet and a nose like a giant bruise. She also said that they were heading towards Kidderminster and they looked very mischievous.

The council's advice is to watch out for these mischief-makers around your home. Mythical creature expert Daisy Pruney says that they're not dangerous but they are very cheeky creatures who might steal your food out of your garden so keep an eye out for the trolls.

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