Tutu wearing troll’s!!!

By Bailey Bishop.

A report has come in from Wolverley, residents have said that they have seen tutu wearing trolls running around in Wolverley stealing peoples clothes and replacing them with poo shaped clothes instead!!!
This has been taking place in the middle of the night you would be lucky to see them in the day roaming around.

Our Journalist has found out that they are totally safe and they wont ever hurt a human,this is said by Mat Stone (who is a scientist).
This paragraph or paragraphs should contain details of interviews with witnesses, information that the journalist has uncovered and descriptions of the scene when the journalist arrived.

Mat Stone has informed the police and government authorities to just keep on the lookout because if they step on you, you will probably be killed in under a second so don't let any of your family out in the middle of the night, even pets.
This paragraph could include things like police or council advice; the journalist's opinion: what might happen in the future.

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