Ugly gnome spotted in dance class!

By Kim Namjoon 27th May 2021

Last Tuesday Morning, a local dancer sighted a dancing gnome in beatherly Hills. Also another local saw an utterly ugly gnome dancing but another one was in Worlds End Lane.The locals were panicking.

Jeon Jungkook (23) was dancing trying to learn some new routines at his dance class at Beverly Hills. When he heard a tapping noise he was a bit curious about the noise.He went through the door going into the second class.

He witnessed a thretirouse gnome with a sharp pointy cap on his head and he was doing horrible dance moves Jungkook could not even look at. Park Jimin who went to this dance class for fifteen years and he has never seen this monstrosity before in his life.

The police have warned the public to be very careful until the gnome has been caught and you must stay indoors. When the gnome has been captured you may come out of your homes. A gnomeologist said “ We need to keep the community safe, the only cure is to dance with it.” If you have any sightings of this gnome you must call the police immediately.

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