By josh Ape Tuesday 25th May 2021

Yesterday,a citizen found a mythical unicorn eating natural food.
It was spotted in Hamsterley, forest,it ‘s believed that it was there to eat.

Jerlyne,who was a witness (age 24)was going on an adventure in Hamsterley forest when she heard a ear splintering munch,as she moved to check what it was invisible wind blew her back but she still saw the unicorn”The unicorn had bright,white wing’s that looked like it belonged to a Pegasus.Additionally,the wings were the size of w humans on top of each other,which is the size of big Ben's clock at the top.Also as i pulled my camera out it ran.”said Jerlyne. Apparently, there has been lots of reports of this unusual mysterious unicorn.

The police have warned the public”If this unicorn can’t be caught any time soon we will go into lock down until it is caught.”

If you see the unicorn, call the police immediately.

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