chapter 3

Chapter 3


She quickly got out of the lake and ran into the forest ;she ran and ran as fast as she could until she saw this abandoned immense factory with a humongous sign saying Centaurs only enter if you dare except she still heard noises coming from the factory.Emma wasn’t scared of anything so she thought she could stelfly creep into the factory .She held her breath and creeped in quietly. She opened the door slowly but what she didn’t know was that there was a bell on the other side of the door. Emma took her first glance of the factory before the Centaurs would hunt her down. There were black and white butterflies  trapped in cages screaming ,there was also a big furnace where they burnt the butterflies to create some sort of powder. The Centaurs poured the powder all over them and then turned into humans.


All of the Centaurs were huge ,they were so huge one butterfly was the size of one of their toe nails. They had horns the size of a small ipad and their eyes were like the rubies off the queen’s crown jewels.

They were always singing this song “how may I help the sparrow sing and then tomorrow i’ll be a human’s king “ in a very deep voice .


A Centaur shouted “Get her.” All of the Centaurs start running after her ,Emma ran into the butterfly lake and totally blacked out .The next thing she knew she was back in the shop ,but this time the lake  ade her wet .Abraham was standing in front of her and said “I told you so,”

“Now go,go before anyone sees you, “ he advised.


Stelfilly Emma opened the by the slightest incase there was another bell on the other side of the door ;but she remembered it was her home so she swinged the door wide open and went straight to the kitchen and dropped all of her things down onto the table .She then went straight up to her room and turned the light on hence it was dark .She checked the time on her phone ,it was 10:38, so she went to bed.


She woke up an hour later hearing thud noises so she turned the flashlight on and opened the door .There was a humongous Centaur with a big black bag and trapped her in it. Emma was screaming her head off but obviously he didn’t care .There was a little hole in The bag and peaked through ,she was at the shop .

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