The Flipwiggler by Lauren

The Flipwiggler is a spectacular form of insect that has been around since 2011 but was only discovered in 2019. It’s appearance has made it’s way to be renowned by scientific names. Would you recognise one if you saw one? Do you know the danger of this species? Read on to find out more.

It’s appearance is unlike most creatures as it has a tail that doubles up as a pair of wings, scales and glowing eyes. The majority of Flipwigglers have around sixty four scales, on each side, which help them glide through the water. However, a minority have been spotted with just over seventy, on each side. This helps them approach prey up to fourth five miles per hour. In the main, they are the size of an average goldfish and have eyes that bulge in the moonlight. Amazingly, they can see 360 degrees around them. It’s hedgehog like face and entice you to touch it as it looks cute and cuddly. But do not be fooled as it can make spikes jump out of it’s back and can spike you and poison can make it’s way into your body, just like a sting ray.

Weirdly, the Flipwiggler never stays in one place. This is concerning because it can easily climb through vent, vertically up walls and into office blocks. This is a risk to there population, because once they sting someone they die! Alarmingly, the poison is so powerful that it can kill you in an hour.

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