chapter two dragon castle

as podkin woke up from the tree brach, he could he his little brother playing outside when he got out there, a messenger came with a note wich read ”the slayer is only a few miles behind he is following your footsteps, love from mum”. as podkin read that letter he was shocked, he tolled the others we have to go and the  of they went into the wood. 


as they left the woods out of the corner of there eyes they could see a dragon castle. it was a low tier security but the does not mean they can walk straight through. the would have to go through a hole. as they were walking trying to find a hole pook asked” when are we going to be there”, as soon as he said that podkin repalied with a “shhh we dont want them to hear us”. 


when they reached the back of the castle pooz shouted out “look there is a hole. as they went through the hole they saw a  underground bunker that was not in use so they decided to stay there a it eas reaching night podkin sayed “i am going to get food.


as he left the bunker he saw a bread and loft stall and right next to it a drink stand. as he got there he took everything until he could here a dragon shouting “stop there young dragon”. as podkin heard that he hid in the drink stand hoping he did not get caught”. after waiting for a bit  he would leave but he saw the massive dragon standing in front of the stall he was in, he was frozen.

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