Come to the Hidden Emporium by Maggie SWW

Does boredom ever creep it’s way into into your mind? Have you been scouring your local area for interesting trips and days out? If so, stop right there, because the Hidden Emporium is just around the corner, (not literally) to quench your pleasure thirst!

Turn up at any time; we’re open 24/7 every day of the year. We welcome everyone, from 1 year olds to 100 year olds and everything in-between for a bargain price of nothing.

Visit the Hidden Emporium to let your imagination run wild, and encounter objects that aren’t found anywhere else on the globe. We sell everything, from cups that fill themselves, to ancient trinkets to excitement.

“An opportunity that can’t be missed,” said Mr. L Silver of the Nowhere emporium.

Furthermore, we have an extensive range of Wonders. Every door you open will boost your imagination ’till your mind is fit to burst. Some of our visitors’ favourite Wonders include:
*The Daring Descent
*The Room of Surprises
*Sugar Shore

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