The leg crusher

The leg crusher

The leg crusher is an unusual form of insect that has only recently been discovered. Its talents have made it renowned amongst the scientific community. Would your even recognise one and is there anything important that we need to know about this strange creature.


Like most bugs and insect the leg crusher can run extremely fast but it can run even faster the older it gets because of its legs and its weight. The leg crusher is actually glow in the dark under blue light scientist don’t know what curses this to happen that to happen so we advise you not to touch them.


The leg crusher’s body is multi-patens covered in legs that look like hairs. Weirdly they can grow more legs and this means when they kill there pray they grow more legs so they get there prays legs. They can squeeze under locked doors and even into to boxes! This is concerning or frightening, they will attack humans with their very painful teeth and legs their legs have venomous spikes on them what sink into humans flesh. Alarmingly, there sting is o powerful that it can kill a human in less than 2 minutes! So-beware.

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