Visit The Fragile Fortress

Visit The Fragile Fortress

Have you ever seen a ghost? Have you ever watched a horror movie but it wasn’t scary? If so, come and visit our shop! A trip to our shop will definitely entertain you! We provide the best 5 star service and shockingly everything here is free! Come and get ready to have the best experience of your life. So visit now and have the best day ever!


You won’t ever regret coming here!:

  • Our shop is in the city center

  • It is a tree

  • Everythings free!


            For a day of fantastic and funny fun don’t miss out on:

  • Satisfying roleplays

  • Ghost hunting

  • Special prizes


            We offer scary sights, delicious food and lots of roleplays! You won’t ever regret 

            coming here as you will have the best time of your life.


            “It’s scary but it is definitely the best experience,” said Elizabeth A.

  • Prizes for everyone

  • Mega prizes for people who face their fears 


            Fabulous, fantastic, fruity foods await!


            Find us at ****************** or just find us in the Whitnash City Center 

            when you’re there make sure you get sucked into the dark tree!


            We’re open 9pm to 8am all week! We’re waiting for your arrival.

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