6 Sentences

In the land of shooting stars, I saw a shooting star with all its friends like a lamp flickering on and off.


In the land of rainbows, I saw a pot of gold on the other side like a magic star twinkling in the dark galaxy sky.


In the land of fluffy clouds, I saw God showing an angel the way to heaven like the sun shining on a house that someone is moving into.


In the land of the sky castle, I saw and aeroplane, like a majestic bird, soaring through the sky of endless possibilities.


In the land of clocks, I saw a bird pop out of the clock like a real bird coming out of the clock flying around the room singing with its friends chirping ambitiously.


In the land of birds, I saw a bird flying around and chirping like and aeroplane in the room with and remote control while a child is playing with it.

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