A Wonderful Weather

I want to paint the blazing celestial fireball, spreading Sunday’s everywhere in Summer,

fresh blooms growing in the fields full of flowers swaying side to side in the gentle breeze ,

and the bright sun reflecting its sun rays on the Indian Ocean .

I want to paint leaves from bare trees floating in the gentle breeze as it encounters a busy street,

people rushing to see a race car going as fast as it can on the smoky race track to claim first place ,

and the sound of my favourite band playing, as I stand with my family and numerous fans.

I want to paint the smell of fresh fish and chips filling up my nostrils as it gets soaked in gravy for my tea as I eagerly wait in temptation for it to cool down .

I want to paint the sound of thunder and rain , slashing on my bedroom window as I lay under the duvet of my bed in fear.

I want to paint myself in my pyjamas, eating freshly baked biscuits from the oven , drinking hot chocolate as hot as the blazing sun shining as bright as it can .

I want to paint glistening snow drops swaying gracefully in the gentle breeze .

I want to paint the sound of a hawk , screeching and surrounding it’s prey .

I want to paint a giraffe towering over leaves from a tree.

I want to paint elephants, lumbering wherever they proceed.

I want to paint the wonderful weathers I see in my life.

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