Happy memories

I want to paint …

the sound of my cat purring perfectly on my lap as cute as a puppy.

the sound of my mum slowly singing like a heavenly choir singing.

the sound of my dogs barking beautifully at other dogs during the summer.

I want to paint…

the sound of my family clapping cheerfully when I save a goal in football as It sounds like I won the euros when they clap.

the sound of my family gratefully greeting my mum home from the hospital.

the sound of my sister siblings playing playfully when I get home it’s like family is all that care about.

I want to paint…

the sound of calming chorus when the birds sing in the trees.

the sound of beautiful big waves bashing together as the peaceful people enjoy the sea.

the sound of sausages sizzling in the pan while they cook.

I want to paint the feeling of best memories coming back.


One Response to “Happy memories”

  1. I like how you’ve described everything so well, it’s amazing. Maybe you could double check some sentences for similes and proper punctuation. I think you could improve by having just as many sentences with similes as you have sentences with alliteration.

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