i want to paint


I want to paint                             I want to paint

The eels electorfing rays are as strong as a tanks bullit,

The lollypop’s swirls are like a hurricane,

The igloo is as inky as a pen thats just ben tuck out the box,

The mirror is as shiny as day light and as reflex as a car thats just had a wash,

The griller is as strong as a racing ball and as dig as  a skyscraper,

The monkey is as crazy as a croud in a football stadium wen a goalie saves a ball,

The ostrich is as fast as flash and as big as a moon,

The joker was joking his head off then he drop a mentor into a MEGER bottle of coke and it went ssssssss in his face,

The paret was attacking the branch like a war macen.

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